Seeking Cardiologists

CompuMed is seeking cardiologists for P/T consulting work. STAT over-reads and pediatric over-reads are needed. Learn more

ECG Devices

Our cardiac telemedicine services can help reduce readmission rates. Our remote ECGs and over-reads identify cardiac abnormalities before a patient needs to be re-admitted.


Welcome to the CompuMed community!

CompuMed, Inc. (PK: CMPD) provides telecardiology services to improve cardiovascular care. We offer a variety of cardiac testing interpretations through telemedicine to augment the heavy caseload of medical providers and when onsite cardiologists are not available. CompuMed has specialized expertise in imaging and analysis designed to improve healthcare provider workflow and patient care while reducing costs. We can also offer access to pediatric cardiology specialists.  

Please register and join the discussion in our blogs and groups. We encourage you to post relevant articles and links to organizations that support cardiac screening. 

The Cardiogram(TM) System907  is small, portable and simple to use

  • We train your nurse practitioners to use the device
  • Your device sends the CompuMed lab all test data
  • Our lab sends test results the next day using secure email
  • CompuMed and our cardiologists assume any liability

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